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Thanks for dropping by Giftworks' page. I hope you enjoy the products I created so far. Let me know if you got any feedback. I would love to hear them. Thank you again.

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Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Go to the university compound, walk through Lover's Lane, and head into the Medical School. Make your way up to the Biochemical Lab, and there it is.

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Giftworks was named after a beautiful person called Doreen—someone whom I encountered many years ago.

The name Doreen is a combination of Dora- and the suffix -een where Dora is referred to as 'Doron'  which means 'Gift' in Greek. Doreen may also refer to 'Beautiful' as per the English meaning. 

Giftworks is a technology company. With that in mind, I have adopted '.io' as the top-level domain as it is now synonymous with tech companies.

Combining all of these attributes, lo and behold, was born 🎉

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Create your gorgeous personal page with One Profile Info

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Product #2


Create gorgeous & practical profile pages for just about anything.

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Personally I think it is great, as a consumer I love it.

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