My Tech and Business Stacks

As a solo developer, the burden of shipping a product is huge — especially when you're tight on funds. An affordable stack is crucial.

My Tech and Business Stacks

As a solo developer, the burden of shipping a product is huge — especially when you're tight on funds. An affordable stack is crucial.

Sharing my personal tech stack I used to build One Profile. I hope it will be useful for you.

Tech Stack

The website was built using Ruby on Rails  - FREE 🎉

• I was first introduced to Ruby on Rails when I started learning how to code and have been using it for each of my projects since.

Popular users: @basecamp, @shopify, @Airbnb, @yongfook CSS framework coupled with Vanilla Javascript and Jquery - FREE 🎉 by JG Thomas is one of the easiest CSS frameworks to learn and is just beautiful to use.

Popular users: @divjoy

Registered One Profile's domain on @Porkbun - $13.16/year 💵

• Services are absolutely top-notch

• Has one of the cheapest domain price tags.

• Has an ALIAS record

• Super easy email forwarding setup

• Super easy URL forwarding setup

Popular users: @LeaveMeAloneApp

I host One Profile on Render, a cloud service provider at ~$40/month 💵

• Migrated from Heroku to Render primarily because it's so much cheaper. From ~$300 to ~$40/month.

• Free Wildcard SSL

• Super easy to use + amazing support

Popular users: @IndieHackers, @gatsbyjs

Asset serving and storing by AWS S3 and Cloudfront at ~$5/month 💵

• I happened to use AWS while learning how to code, decided to just stick with it.

• Pay-as-you-go pricing makes it affordable to start.

• No scalability issues.

Popular users: @netflix @hulu @SlackHQ

Subscription and payments are handled by @stripe 💵

• Very easy to integrate into an app and build a subscription-based business

• Very good developer documentation

• Great dashboard and performance stats

Popular users: @NotionHQ @lyft @glossier @kickstarter

Bug and error monitoring/tracking by @bugsnag — FREE 🎉

• Very straight-forward and easy integration

• With Rails + Devise, users automatically identified

Popular users: @Airbnb @Lyft

Transactional emails i.e. confirmations/password reset emails by @postmarkapp - $10/month 💵

• Fair and simple pricing

• Very easy to use and integrate + good documentation

• Super fast email delivery

• Amazing support

Popular users: @asana, @1Password

Mac Client for Postgres database by Postico ( - $39.99 one-time payment 💵

• Makes life so easy to manage @OneProfile_HQ's database

• Beautiful and clean UI

Popular users: me? 😆

Email hosting with @gsuite - $5.40/month 💵

• Just because it's the most widely used email hosting and is easy to integrate with email clients like @SparkMailApp, @your__tempo

But I'm really looking forward to using by @basecamp in April!

One Profile's chat support is powered by - FREE 🎉

• Unlimited concurrent chats

• Beautiful UI on client-side

• Chatbot to show contact form when offline

• Email replies

• Desktop and mobile apps

This blog is powered by @Ghost and hosted on @getRender at ~$7/month 💵

• Plugged in a beautiful theme called Weiss Pro by Eduardo. Costs $49, totally worth it.

• Membership feature allows collecting emails for newsletter.

Popular users: @OpenAI @NASA @Apple

All websites' page analytics is powered by privacy-focused @SimpleAnalytic - $108/year 💵

• No cookies used, no individual user tracking

• Custom domain on JS snippet

• Easy to read insights


Popular users: @NomadList @LeaveMeAloneApp

For terms and policies, and public documentation, I use @GitBookIO - FREE 🎉

• Custom domain

• Beautiful UI

• Super easy to get things done with documentation; create, edit, and merge all happen almost instantaneously.

Business Stack

I use @NotionHQ heavily for documentation and planning - $5/month 💵

• Clean and enjoyable UI/UX

• Having tables with relational databases is like having superpowers. I do financing stuff with this.

• Unlimited file uploads!

• Superb search functionality

I use @basecamp personal for business to-do lists - FREE 🎉

• Why not just use Notion? Basecamp is just faster and better on mobile, I really needed that.

• Has a dedicated structure for a to-do list.

• If ever I build a team, I'm going to use Basecamp.

Popular users: @tobi

I use @buffer occasionally for social media posts, I use @TweetDeck frequently - FREE 🎉

• Buffer is very easy to use when I just need to blast a general post to every social platform.

• TweetDeck makes it easy to filter for specific tweets e.g tweets containing One Profile.

I use @LastPass to store passwords - FREE 🎉

• Has a generous free plan

• Easy to generate strong passwords and retrieving them

• A password manager is always recommended for security reasons.

I use @CssScan to copy the CSS of beautiful websites and replicate it on One Profile's - $39 one-time payment 💵

• Lightning-fast and accurate copy of CSS

• Displayed beautifully when hovered on an element

I use @figmadesign for specialized image design - FREE 🎉

• Precise measurement for designing banners, mockups, logos

• Easy to convert file types between JPG, PNG, SVG

• Infinite canvas makes it easy to compare designs side-by-side, top and bottom.

I use @canva for quick designs, especially for social media use - FREE 🎉

• Super easy interface to just drag and drop image, adding some texts and voila, you'll have a great image ready to use.

• Templates with specific dimensions for social media use help save a lot of time.

So there you go, all of my 'secret' stacks. I hope you found this list useful.

It took me a long time to discover these tools so I hope this list will save some of your time when you're building your projects.

All the best.



I have a strong interest in languages, cultures, technologies, entrepreneurship, and education. After I learned how to code back in 2017, I started to like building stuff on the web.

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